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Jail report Tuesday



The UALR Task Force on Public Safety convened after defeat of a sales tax to support the jail will report tomorrow Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. I expect there will be some ideas on lower cost ways of locking up more of the people who need locking up and perhaps finding alternative means to handle people who aren't necessarily threats to the community.

Timing is everything. It's hard to imagine any solution that doesn't require  more money. The report today about the sharp rise in robberies in Little Rock might provide some impetus for voters to approve increased spending to lock more thugs up.

On the other hand, you have the problem of a county government in utter disarray. Years of deficit spending. A felonious comptroller. County officials intent on keeping secret many documents generated by the felonious comptroller. Give this bunch more money?

Former UALR Chancellor Charles Hathaway led the task force. I'm confident it will provide good guidance, politics of the issue aside.

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