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A Sunday night open line? Why not? Though the LR school discussion bubbles on, thanks to the hateful D-G editorial today. I'd like to second TAP. If the 4-3 majority was in favor of the 'Crat's point of view -- and I do like how some in the community refer to the newspaper only as the "Democrat" -- you may be sure the four wouldn't be referred to as a "gang" or a "narrow" or "thin" majority. But remember, this is the newspaper that supported the Supreme Court's stealing of the election by George Bush in 2000. They don't believe in democracy, unless it supports their choices.

I still await the D-G commentary on the fact that their puppet, Superintendent Roy Brooks, has no financial disclosure statement on file at the county clerk's office last time we checked. And, no, I presume School Board member Melanie Fox won't continue to insist  that she's never met Democrat-Gazette publisher Walter "Secret Merit Pay Deal" Hussman, not now that his newspaper has photographed him at a fund-raiser for one of his favorite charities at her house. Will the editorialist raise the same ruckus that was raised over a contract for a friend of lawyer John Walker's the next time the board is asked to vote for something that the 'Crat's publisher supports. Don't hold your breath.

Don't get me wrong. Cronyism is wrong whichever side is engaging in it. I've spoken out against the Walker/auditor deal. Will the D-G speak out the next time Hussman runs a secret pet project through the LRSD administrative office, in contempt of law, board policy and the FOI? I think you know the answer.

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