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A corny tavern game


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The Wall Street Journal today, in one of its classic quirky features, focuses on a new tavern game that's taking hold in Midwestern cities. It's known as cornhole. You toss one-pound bags of corn with hopes of dropping it through a round hole in a wooden platform. There's even an official American Cornhole Association and a mockumentary in progress, "Cornhole: The Movie." Sounds a lot like bean bag, don't you think?

Anyway, you might think this is just a cheap trick to get a naughty slang term into the blog with a wink. But no. There's an Arkansas angle. (And now I think I know why this sport, by another name, is on the list of events at the annual Senior Olympics in Hot Springs.)


The game's name, which is also slang for a sex act, may be part of its allure in the bar scene but could hurt its prospects for growing bigger. Some prefer to call it Baggo. "What would you want your kids playing?" asks Kirk Conville, chief executive of Baggo Inc. in Hot Springs, Ark. It has trademarked the term Baggo and sells game sets at Dick's Sporting Goods and other retailers.

Now back to serious Hot Springs business, like why smart-aleck kids deserve to get roughed up when they sass a cop and how the camera lies.


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