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Crime fighting in the Spa



There's a moral to this story: Don't skateboard on Central Avenue in Hot Springs, not even on national skateboard day. Cop might go bat**** nuclear on you. The craziness depicted below occurred June 21. The YouTube post is getting thousands of views, understandably.

SMALL UPDATE: A total of six kids -- four juveniles -- have had multiple charges stacked on them as a result of the incident and one of those charged says the cops are threatening to stack on more charges because of their anger at the YouTube posting, which they contend was edited to make police look bad. An uncut version was posted by the young cameraman in response to the cops' complaint. Officially, the police say that skateboarding is a violation of city ordinance and that they are investigating police behavior in the arrest. If I know cops, there will be no apologies for this heavy-handed bust. Kids must be put in their place. And the U.S. Supreme Court will back whatever the cops do. Authority will not be mocked, sayeth Justice Thomas Roberts Scalito.


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