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Just say no to Bill Watt



We told you weeks ago that Bill Watt, the former traffic judge who was forced out of office following damaging court testimony during the Whitewater saga, planned to run for a district court judgesip in Little Rock -- the one David Stewart is vacating to move to the judicial discipline agency. The Democrat-Gazette followed up today.

Bill makes a case that, at least in his Whitewater troubles, he was ground up -- as many Arkansans were -- by the Kenneth Starr persecution machine. But Kenneth Starr didn't make Watt sign a fradulent loan document. Or arrange improper campaign contributions to a gubernatorial candidate. Or serve as police, prosecutor, judge and jury in cases ranging from school truancy to a boy who made a rude gesture outside the police station. Etc. Etc. Just because he is eligible to run again on account of an inexplicable decision by the state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission doesn't mean he deserves to be elected.

(Imagine if Judge Wendell Griffen had done what Watt did. Do you think Jim Badami would have recommended that he be allowed to continue to run for judge?)  

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