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David Iglesias in Portland


More from the city of roses: David Iglesias, the former US Attorney for New Mexico, spoke candidly today to AANers at a lunch talk. He kicked off his speech with some quips about being a disillusioned Republican, who'd, to paraphrase President Clinton he said, "sipped the loyalty Kool-Aid, swished it around, but not swallowed."

The only real question he wouldn't answer was who he thought of the remaining US attorneys had prosecuted cases based on politics. That  followed him admitting that he thought there were "a couple" out there.

Other things of interest: He said he found Ashcroft to be a straight-shooter, and he said that the shift from Ashcroft to Gonzales was one of working for people doing law enforcement to working for the White House.

He also said that he believes there's a smoking gun email out there and reminded the audience that forensic investigations dig up "conveniently" deleted emails all the time. That nothing's ever really deleted.

What else? In the open Q&A, Alan asked if there's likely to be any fallout with N.M. Representative Heather Wilson and Senator Pete Domenici, both of whom called Iglesias to pressure him to proceed with election fraud charges on Democrats just before the elections last year. Iglesias noted that Wilson only won her seat by some 800 votes, so her position is probably tenuous, but that even though Domenici's poll numbers are as low as they've ever been, the only Democrat in N.M. who could likely unseat him is Bill Richardson, who's got bigger fish to fry right now.

PS: If ever in Portland, the Japanese garden in Washington Park is worth a look. I forgot my camera cord, but I'll have pics up on Rock Candy early next week. Off for more debauchery learning and with a jacket!

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