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Slavery redux



Slavery. It's back as a blog topic. A legislative observer reports by e-mail that the Legislative Council, a joint committee that meets between sessions, today adopted a resolution apologizing for the state's role in slavery. It was soapbox time for several members for about 20 minutes. I'm told Rep. Stephanie Flowers said the resolution was just a piece of paper and that if the state offers such a resolution it should include a commitment to right current wrongs. Now THAT could start a real debate.

PS -- The resolution expresses the Council's regrets for slavery, not that of the state, for what it's worth. The idea may have been to get something on the record in time for the 50th anniversary of the Central High crisis. Supporters included Sens. Bryles, Baker, Wilkins, Steele and Brown, who said, in essence, it's never too late to apologize, no matter how it's done..

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