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Noise on the river



The Democrat-Gazette wrote this morning about a discussion at the North Little Rock City Council tonight about a noise-control ordinance.

The article well could have mentioned  the recent Edgefest heavy metal concert in NLR's Riverfront Park, a noisy event that apparently upset a few neighbors.

Matilda in the Rock, a favorite local blog, puts aside its usual snark for a deep and thorough report on Edgefest and what effect a noise ordinance might have on such an event. Matilda concludes:

Apparently there is an ordinance to be discussed at tonight's council meeting about loud noise. Any such ordinance will generate a great deal of discussion and could result in solving all the problems by limiting events in the park to those that generate little if any noise. Of course when looking at that, someone needs to remember that the Travelers generate noise and even the games at the High School can be heard all through Park Hill.

So, what do you want to do with our riverfront park? Continue to allow promoters to bring in acts some will find objectionable? Limit the park entertainment to easy-listening and weddings?

Our advertising folks will talk about intangibles...filling 100+ motel rooms because of a single event plus all the money spent on food and drinks and the taxes paid on that, etc. The artists will talk about their artistic freedom. The fans will talk about needing to make the park available for a variety of acts appealing to a wide variety of folks. The neighbors will talk about peace and quiet.

That sure is a lot of talk generated by an event that lasted a little over nine hours on one hot humid night in June.

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