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Huckabee on fashion -- UPDATE



Marie Claire (gals will know this magazine; I don't subscribe) has an interview this month with Mike Huckabee. Fashion comes up.

Q: I read that you're against miniskirts.

A: If a person dresses provocatively, they're calling attention -- maybe not the most desirable kind -- to private parts of their body.

Q: What about a burka?

A: No, that hides everything. I think a person's hair, arms, shoulders, legs are an appropriate display of who they are. I want people to be attracted to me because they find me interesting, not because I'm wearing something ... well, I doubt I own anything provocative.

Q: How about a minskirt?

A: A thong.

UPDATE: On a more substantive note, here's a good editorial in the Leader on Huckabee's bad week.

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