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Hogzilla slain



The state Supreme Court finished its butchering today of Hogzilla, the 2005 legislature's porkfest of unconstitutional local spending

Specifically, the court agreed with Mike Wilson, the former state representative who brought the suit, that appropriations for the Jacksonville and Cleburne County libraries, the military museum in Jacksonville and  Reed's Bridge preservation were unconstitutional. A trial judge had pronounced these legal, while disallowing others.

Wilson, of course, is from Jacksonville. So he caused a little pain in his own backyard. Plus, the library is part of the Central Arkansas Library System, headed by his brother-in-law, Bobby Roberts. You can't say he played any favorites.

This is just cleanup of a matter already officially acknowledged. Mindful of an earlier Supreme Court ruling that put the kibosh on money for Bigelow infrastructure, the 2007 legislature cooked up a scheme to appropriate surplus money to state agencies. They will then re-divide the money for local projects such as these. If there's no fix in on the specific future allocations by the state agencies -- and a rational basis for differentiating between recipients -- they might get away with it. I suspect Mike Wilson will be keeping tabs.

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