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Some national commentators were far  more impressed with Mike Huckabee's preaching as he dodged the evolution question last night than I was. From an NBC political newsletter:

Huck For Veep? The candidate who performed best, frankly, was Mike Huckabee -- his third-straight strong performance. He showed that his experience as a preacher man is vital in the television age. Is Huckabee now legitimately the perfect VP candidate for any of the current Big Three? Only a Fred Thompson nomination would eliminate him on geographic grounds. Speaking of Thompson, should his backers worry that his new Web site has no obvious issue hook on the home page right now? But there are two places to donate or raise money.

And here, from a Time/CNN blog (which gave the debate to, in order, Giuliani, McCain and Romney):

The rest of the field was more or less forgettable, with the exception of Mike Huckabee and his response to the question about evolution. Huckabee took what could have been a difficult question for some and turned it into an eloquent defense of his belief in God which I suspect resonated with a great number of Americans, regardless of their politics:


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