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Rainer Sabin takes no prisoners in a column in the Northwest Arkansas Times on UAF Chancellor John White's handling of matters athletic, particularly his blame-others national media interviews.

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Even if White really felt ashamed of the people who have gone after the program like vigilantes seeking justice, he would have been wise not to verbalize his disappointment. It was a remarkably boneheaded move on his part. He certainly did not help the university’s cause by castigating a certain segment of Razorbacks supporters. In fact, he only strengthened the perception around the state that the university administration is nothing short of arrogant and stubborn, like the Black Knight character in the Monty Python movie who has his limbs chopped off and insists that everything is fine (Just a flesh wound, right ?). White and his sidekicks can pretend all they want that they are being unjustly attacked from the outside. But a closer look in the mirror would reveal that there are blemishes and they have grown because the university hasn’t addressed some of their internal problems.

The national media has openly wondered why Arkansas fans would be so disenchanted with the program after the Razorbacks won 10 games and finished with a relatively high ranking. Here’s a clue guys — it’s not all about winning. Sometimes it’s about integrity and accountability and having the strength to solve dilemmas before they turn into quagmires.

In the end, projecting blame on others doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s a cop out. It didn’t work for Jimmy Carter. And it won’t work for John White, whose administration is now facing what is truly a crisis of confidence.

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