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Republicans are debating again. Comments welcome. Will the Jay Leno of candidates emerge again? Former Gov. Mike Huckabee's brief intro of himself used a line he delivered in the story we linked this morning from Concord. Roughly:

I'm Mike Huckabee.  For 10 and a half years I was govenror of Arkansas. I'm from the small town of Hope. You may have heard of it. All I'm asking is give us one more chance.

UPDATE: Huckabee didn't get much time until Blitzer asked him to defend his vote against evolution in the previous debate. He dodged the question and then demagogued to beat the band, a defiant sort of answer defending his disbelief in evolution. But if you want a candidate who believes in God, he's your man, Huckabee says. (Is there a single candidate who says he/she doesn't?)

Interestingly, Huckabee, who comes from a Biblical inerrantist tradition, said he didn't know whether God's creation took six days, as the Bible said. Kind of liberal, don't you think? I don't think this helped him. What say others?

UPDATE II: Good answer from Huckabee on the low popular state of the Republican party. Failure to deliver on a smaller, efficient government, he said, including the disaster of Katrina and to do anything about immigration. Yep, that's about right.

UPDATE III: Huckabee fell off the edge of the earth. Romney, Giuliani and McCain got all the attention. I'd give it on points to McCain, particularly on a brave answer on English as the official language, but I'm not a Republican primary voter. Romney is smooth, but he comes from the Acme Plant of Stepford TV Anchors. Not real. Giuliani is real, but too real. A bully and a B.S. artist.

UPDATE IV: Jeffrey Toobin thought Huckabee did well. I thought he dived into oblivion. So who knows?

CNN did send out a note saying Huckabee got Reagan's birthday wrong. He should have said the day was the anniversary of his death.

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