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Our web seems to be running again. A couple of notes that arrived during the hours we were down.

STATE REVENUE: The pre-grocery-tax-cut numbers remain strong. In  May, DFA says, gross revenue was about $30 million, or 8 percent, above the same month last year and 9 percent above forecast. Most of the bump came in a $25 million increase in income tax collections.

LEGAL OPINIONS: Perhaps somebody can tell me if this creates an immediate problem for A&P commissions around the state, but in response to an opinion request from Rep. David Dunn, the attorney general says that members of A&P commissions must be "qualified electors," or domiciled, in the cities they serve. (All of the current LR A&P members list Little Rock home addresses.) UPDATE: I hear there's been at least one case of an A&P commissioner in Arkansas claiming residence in a hotel to qualify for a commissioin seat.

CRIME: Little Rock gets special mention for a jump in murders in the annual report on violent crime.

APPOINTMENT: Gov. Mike Beebe has appointed Wynona Bryant-Williams to head the Minority Health Commission. This was the job Mike Huckabee gave to Judy Smith after she turned sour on the Democratic Party following her unsuccessful run for Congress from the Fourth District. Bryant-Williams served on the State Police Commission by Huckabee appointment in 1997.

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