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Back to the stone age



What did we do before the internets came along?

We have no Internet service at the Times today. The problem is being blamed on AT&T and won't be resolved until this afternoon. So, after doing some other work, I headed home to check in.

E-mails include:

A link to a page (scroll down) with photo of Little Rock's Kevin Brockmeier being honored as a finalist in the New York Public Library's young lion fiction award for "The Brief History of the Dead."

The Little Rock Zoo has a couple of new male blackbuck antelopes.


News includes:

Paris Hilton to jail. Good quality mugshots taken out in LA.

Speaking of celebrity scandal: No word yet on a decision in the Houston Nutt textgate lawsuit. A hearing is being held today in Fayetteville, isn't it? Any court watchers up there?

And speaking of news: Does anybody care any more? You know daily newspaper circulation is declining. But it's booming compared with local TV newscasts. This story in Washington Post reflects the trend -- a 25 percent drop in viewers for local newscasts in the last 10 years. Wonder if ad rates have dropped similarly?

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