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Happy about Lake View?



Not so fast. Very interesting article today from Stephens Media's Rob Moritz. There are alternate views. One is that Arkansas now has a constitutionally and court-certified system in which the rich will get richer from property tax wealth and the poor will continue to suffer.Vast differences in teacher pay are just one example. And then there's this:

Martin W. Schoppmeyer Sr., professor emeritus at the University of Arkansas and a key witness for the plaintiffs when the case first went to trial in 1994 in Pulaski County Chancery Court, said Friday the state's poor school districts and poor children are still hurting.

"I talked to Jimmie Wilson, who was the chief lawyer in the original case, sometime back and Jimmie and I agreed that at this stage of the game we really should write a letter of apology to the children of Arkansas, especially the black children and the citizens of Arkansas who now ... support a highly unfair ... inequitable system of education which is dooming thousands of children to second rate treatment," said Schoppmeyer.

"We should apologize for attempting to get that equity," he added

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