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Q&A tonight



OK, let's try a Q&A format, as I mentioned last night.

Tonight, I'll stand (or sit) by the computer from at least 6 to 7:30 p.m. to take questions that come in comments to this post. Perhaps we can get some discussions going, in the manner of the daily Washington Post on-line chats with its staff.

You can begin sending questions now, but I may not answer early ones until later, in the live blogging session.

Questions about the blog, the Times, news, politics, our new Eat Arkansas food blog and anything else are invited. I reserve the right to refuse service.

UPDATE: Well, I started early. That was a mistake. I should announce a time and do no questions before that time. 2) It's harder than it might look. 3) I dont' know squat. 4) I think the interaction is good. 5) We'll do it again. After a while.

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