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Political grapevine -- UPDATE



The Arkansas Times this week calls editorially for Tim Griffin to step down as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, though we stop somewhere short of a call for the National Guard to step in should he continue to be reluctant.

But, seriously, given the odor that lingers from his politically motivated appointment -- and the scandal it has produced -- it's the right thing to do.

So now comes word from a couple of sources that Griffin may actually be prepared to announce a departure from that office shortly. Well and good.

But not exactly..

Might Griffin wind up on the campaign staff of a Republican presidential candidate -- someone like Fred Thompson, say? And, if he does, might he be willing to talk about whether he had any discussions about that work while he was U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas? And, if that's so, might this not be another example of WHY, for goodness sakes, the Karl Rove plan (Rove being a former rabbi to political oppo research man Griffin) to politicize the Justice Department was such a terribly bad idea?

Maybe I'm just dreaming. Watch as things develop.

UPDATE: Here's a squib from the Wall Street Journal Washington Wire that indicates the U.S. attorney has indeed been doing some politicking amid his prosecuting, as we indicated last night:

Backers look for Fred Thompson to use a June 2 speech to Virginia Republicans to step closer toward the race. Thompson allies have had discussions with Tim Griffin, the Arkansas U.S. attorney and Rove protégé, about taking a top job with the campaign.

UPDATE II: But wait. Another source says Griffin will be leaving the U.S. attorney's office soon, but for corporate work.

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