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I take it back


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I had some kind words April 30 for U.S. Attorney by royal appointment Tim Griffin after he removed Robert Govar as criminal division chief following Govar's intemperate letter to a Jacksonville newspaper editor who'd criticized Govar's testimony in the prosecution of the former Lonoke police chief.

Could be that Govar's threatening letter to the editor, publicized here, might have just provided Griffin a handy excuse to accomplish a long-intended change. A document dump yesterday for the House Judiciary Committee includes an e-mail from Griffin to his friend, the infamous Monica Goodling. Dated Jan. 18.

It says " ... if I could make that crim chief switch that Battle and Nowacki are running by you that would be awesome."

This also shows the power an inexperienced political hack had over the workings of U.S. attorney's offices throught the U.S. Find this particular e-mail on Page 28 of this PDF. The documents, I note, include copies of a Dec. 26 Democrat-Gazette editorial wholly laudatory of Rove's henchman. Anybody else notice how little that newspaper has had to say editorially about the political takeover of the Justice Department? But it might require the newspaper to speak kindly of Sen. Mark Pryor.


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