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This makes you top tier?



Good commentary on Huffington Post:

If you thought Mike Huckabee's 24 e-mail on the eve of the first quarter fundraising deadline was lame, you are in for quite a treat with today's ask.

A joke I used in the last Republican debate comparing Congressional spending to John Edwards spending money in a beauty shop seems to have gone over pretty well. Folks that hadn't given my campaign for President much thought, sat-up, took notice and then began to listen to me a little more closely. Since then people have been flooding my website to see where I stand on the issues and signing up to receive my campaign emails.

I don't know what's more pathetic -- that Huckabee is claiming his joke made some Republicans take notice and give him a second look, or that the Republican field is so weak that such a thing is even plausible.

I suppose when you're clinging to sixth place with Tom Tancredo, there's no such thing as desperation.


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