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Welcome aboard


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So the State Police is going to invite media to see its new $4 million aircraft tomorrow. In a break from Huckabee administration policy, the unwashed of the media will actually be allowed to board the plane. No more bogus "security" claims, the artifice by which Mike Huckabee threw a veil of secrecy over his extensive travels on the plane he wore out.

That's nice. But there needs to be more than a periodic opportunity to eyeball the cabin. Precise records should be kept of airplane use. Who, what, when, where in black-and-white detail readily available for public inspection. Such records were not kept during the Huckabee administration. And you had to jump through hoops to see the sketchy records that did exist. Will the Beebe administration let the sun shine in? We'll ask. It's the least the governor can do in return for his $4 million executive chariot (plus pilot, hangar, fuel, etc.)


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