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Huckster on video -- UPDATE



The Huckabee quip on John Edwards gets plenty of attention in debate coverage, though I've yet to see much that lifts him from second-tier status. Washington Post put up the video. It begins with his warmed-over Steve Forbes flat tax plan, a non-starter realistically and a loser for most of America.

UPDATE: I see a writer for conservative National Review didn't find the quip so funny (it certainly wasn't as funny as the red-meat Republicans in the audience would have you believe):

Mike Huckabee: “Spending like John Edwards at a beauty shop.” I never thought I’d be tempted to use the word “mean-spirited,” but I am here. This is Coulter territory, Mike — it’s marked out, like a minefield. Stay away.

UPDATE II: Huckabee had a conference call with reporters today. He said 1) he'd have to think about partnering with a pro-choice running mate (I'm guessing Giuliani would have to think long and hard about partnering with Huck, too); 2) he conceded that his cheap laugh at John Edwards' expense was about excessive Washington spending and the decision of a Republican Congress until the last few months.

UPDATE III: I still don't think the Edwards line was so funny (silly, at best; mean and tacky at worst). But I'd never make it in the Beltway. The herd loves to reinforce a narrative given to them by the Republican Party and making out John Edwards to be a faggoty pretty boy is their idea of high good humor. Roundup here.

And if you believe Huckabee didn't come armed with this bit of sexual mockery, you're no smarter than the Beltway boys.


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