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Maggie Hinson, one of the owner-operators of Midtown Billiards on Main Street, calls with the happy news that her tavern has been chosen one of the best bars in America, according to the June issue of Esquire magazine. It's the only Arkansas bar listed.

Paul Reyes of Oxford American did the writing on Midtown, which was nominated for its helpful bartenders (who remember what customers like to drink), the eclectic crowd and "fabulous" burgers. People "arrive drunk and leave wicked," Reyes reported of a scene that really gets going after hours. (But you know that, because Midtown is a regular winner of our late-night category in Best of Arkansas.) "During the day, the bar is dank with the aftershock of the night before and old men playing dominoes," Reyes wrote. It's not on-line yet. But you've been told.

And hear this: A night that ends on the Midtown sidewalk about 5 a.m. is, generally speaking, a night you'll likely regret for one reason or another.

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