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Catering to who?



The Little Rock Airport Commission has been in a long-running haggle over who'll succeed Bill Walker as the minority investor in the airport's catering contract, the majority of which is held by a Marriott subsidiary.

Originally, Marriott had proposed to give 15 percent shares to each of two minority subcontractors. At last report, only former Huckabee administration cabinet member Marcus Devine (my deepest apologies for the mind screwup that, in my original post, put errroneously the name of a fine and upstanding football player here instead of Huckabee's former DEQ chief) had expressed an interest. And he's willing to take the whole 30 percent. But there's trouble in paradise. It developed last week that Commissioner Tom Schueck has a business relationship with Devine. Can he participate in the discussion set for 8:30 a.m. tomorrow? Does Devine have the financial resume necessary to take on this investment? (His past includes some financial potholes.) Finally, another potential Arkansas minority investor has emerged for a share of the business.


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