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Nutt pours the whine



Be sure to check Brummett today. Turns out he got a private sit-down with Houston Nutt, the boss Hog, last week. Did the coach want to admit he'd ever made a mistake? I'll save you the search. No.

I asked if he really believed Arkansas was a tougher environment for a coach than Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn and LSU.

"I think so," he said, "because we don't have the Dallas Cowboys or an Alabama-Auburn type situation in the state." He said there's a "little bit of a National Enquirer-type push" in Arkansas. What'd did he mean? "All this," he said, plainly referring to these text message controversies that he'd just explained to me he couldn't discuss because of litigation.

I did ask about those. I can only say he swore thorough innocence.

I wondered if at some point, Nutt's wife, Diana, had asked him to get them both the heck out of the state.

"Not in those words," he said. "It was something like, 'Maybe they're tired of you.' "

I wondered if he thought maybe she was right. He shrugged.

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