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U.S. attorneygate II



And now the tenacioius Murray Waas is on the case in National Journal, exploring in detail some of the missing e-mails that Greg  Palast also mentioned in the article we cited earlier:

The Bush administration has withheld a series of e-mails from Congress showing that senior White House and Justice Department officials worked together to conceal the role of Karl Rove in installing Timothy Griffin, a protégé of Rove's, as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas.

The withheld records show that D. Kyle Sampson, who was then-chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, consulted with White House officials in drafting two letters to Congress that appear to have misrepresented the circumstances of Griffin's appointment as U.S. attorney and of Rove's role in supporting Griffin.

Long, but interesting. There is no doubt the plan was to bypass Congress. And no doubt that lies have been told about this. Here's the Cliff Notes version from Talking Points Memo.

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