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Karl Rove, role model


The chairman of the Democratic Committee in Washington County says Republicans should be ashamed to have the lying Karl Rove in as their Lincoln Day banquet speaker. Agreed. Is it possible that the far northwest corner of Washington is the only place safe for Rove to show his face these days? Embarrassing commentary on politics up there. News release on the jump.


The Washington County Republican Committee has chosen Karl Rove as the speaker for their Lincoln Day Dinner to be held this weekend [Holiday Inn Convention Center, Springdale, picketing starts at 5 p.m.].  I can think of no worse choice.

The public information for this event states: " This will be a very special night as we salute our local troops." And "To help us honor our troops, Karl Rove will be our special guest speaker."

             While I applaud the committee for its choice to honor our men and women in uniform, I am saddened by their choice of speaker.  As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Rove has repeatedly attempted to usurp this document. 

             The latest example is his role in politicizing the Justice Department.  Through his actions he has revealed his contempt for the voters.  Rove's involvement in denying our Senators their Constitutional responsibility to give advice and consent to the President when making political appointments shows blatant contempt for the very principles our troops are sworn to defend. 

             When I voted for my Senators, I entrusted them to act as my voice in Washington and uphold the duties outlined by the Constitution.  I don't recall ever seeing Rove's name on a ballot, or asking him to take the place of those elected to represent the people of Arkansas.

             Karl Rove does not represent us; does he represent Arkansas Republicans?

David J. Whitaker, chairman

Washington County Democratic Committee


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