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We don't invoke the phrase domestic terrorism lightly, but this incident brought it to mind.

Quite a conflagration last night at the Rivercliff Apartments just off Rebsamen Park Road, where six cars were set ablaze by arsonists last night around 2:30 a.m.

According to a police review of security tapes, two white men in a green Ford Topaz or Escort with damage to the passenger's front fender entered and left the complex several times just after 2 a.m. Finally, the car stopped, the driver got out, and set the cars on fire before hopping back in the getaway car and making a quick exit. The incident report didn't say whether any form of accelerant was used.

Officer Terry Hastings, spokesman with the Little Rock Police Department, said the Bomb Squad was called in, but no explosives were found. He didn't know the amount of damage to the cars involved. The suspects remain at large.

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