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Since the earlier post seemed popular, it seems only right to give a new item at the top to the answer I just received from spokesperson Alice Stewart asking for an elaboration from Mike Huckabee on his no-confidence vote in evolution last night. The prepared statement is a bit more finely tuned than some comments quoted earlier.

I believe that there was a Creative process by a Creator God. How he
did it, I don't know. He may have used some sort of evolution process.
I believe that there is a God and that He put the process in
motion. I tend to believe he did it like they say in the Scripture, but I know
many people don't believe that way. 
I expect the public schools to teach evolution and creationism. 
Evolution is based on a lot of science. I'd like the schools to acknowledge
that there are theories that are not evolution -- it's based on a lot
of science, but it is a theory.  But a goal of education is to teach
kids to think, not to indoctrinate them, so we should expose them to a lot
of theories and let them decide, using their own intellect, what they
ultimately believe in. 

The subject continues to get big play all over the web. Christian Broadcasting has high praise, but a British satire site is already working the anti-evolutionists over.

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