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Unhappy anniversary



A report in the NY Times on a rise in terrorist attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan seems a fitting way to mark the fourth anniversary of Bush's carrier strut. It has been a mission accomplished in the manner he has conducted virtually every other governmental mission -- FUBAR..

PS -- It is also the 49th Law Day, which the NY Times notes was first observed in 1958 with an attack by NY Gov. Averell Harriman on Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus' for his disrspect for the law in blocking the entry of black students to Central High. (The NY Times hasn't gotten the word from Griffin Smith at the D-G yet that Faubus was actually a peacemaker, not a segregationist.) The Times says the Bush proclamation of Law Day this year rings hollow in light of his assault on civil liberties and politicization of the Justice Department.

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