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Sine die -- CORRECTION



The legislature went home, having polished up the last few bits of pork for more constitutional digestion.

This much didn't happen: The Senate Brotherhood wanted to hire a former Huckabee administration hanger-on -- Bruce Campbell, former director of Rural Services -- at $60,000 a year to be sure that the appropriation sent to places like Rural Services for distribution statewide would not be dispensed at the agency's discretion but as legislators intended in directing money to the agencies for local projects.  (This is the dubious procedure agreed to by Gov. Beebe and the legislature to get around the Supreme Court's enforcement of constitutional language prohibiting local appropriations.) But Sen. Dave Bisbee didn't want to a meeting of the Efficiency Committee he chairs  to recommend the $60,000-a-year job for Campbell. A rump group of the Brotherhood tried to hold a meeting without Bisbee, but didn't have the number of voters present necessary for approval.  Presumaby it will be done before long. The legislature need not be in session to achieve this bit of pork enabling.

CORRECTION: My original post said incorrectly that the Senate attempted a vote on the job. It was just a vote of remaining Efficiency Committee members.

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