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Perusing the documents



U.S. attorneygate has offered up another batch of documents to peruse and Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo website is leading the way in analysis.

One of our regular correspondents takes us to an interesting set, which contain Rovian talking points to defend the firings of select U.S. attorneys like Bud Cummins so they could be replaced with political hacks like Karl Rove's camp follower Tim Griffin. Here, one of the ideas is to proclaim the better credentials of the new hands. This includes gross exaggeratoins about Griffin's nearly non-existent prosecutorial record and his supposed superior collegiate training at Hendrix and Tulane. The comparison is with the Eastern Oklahoma-UA Law and UA-UALR Law backgrounds of his two predecessors, respectively, Paula Casey and Cummins. Nobody ever said this gang wasn't arrogant, as well as mean, dishonest an incompetent.

Sample from comparison of Griffin with Paula Casey, the UALR Law grad:

"Unlike Mr. Griffin, she did not attend top-rated universities."

Same comparison of Griffin with Cummins:

"Unlike Mr. Griffin, he did not attend top-rated universities."

Justice Department: No Arkie need apply if a Tulane political hack is available.

We now know that Griffin's "significant" prosecutorial experience is maybe three cases taken to trial.

Speaking of resume inflation: It is true that neither Cummins nor Casey was under-secretary and treasurer of the Oxford University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club, one of the credits Griffin took pains to include on his CV.

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