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Lower the drinking age



That's the provocative topic of a brownbag lunch at the Clinton School at noon Monday.

The speaker is Dr. John McCardell, former president of Middlebury College (and a former college mate of mine at Washington and Lee, but the future Harvard Ph.D. was in the library while I was out drinking underage).

He now heads a foundation, Choose Responsbility, pushing the notion of a "drinker's license" for the 18-21 crowd as a possible encouragement to more responsible drinking and a partial solution to the scourge of binge drinking on college campuses. No, this isn't a front for brewers. Read his website's information on the damage alcohol does to the brain.

The higher drinking age clearly isn't promoting responsible use of alcohol.The familiar parallel is Europe, where there seems to be less binge drinking by youth, perhaps because a sip of wine or two at an early age is considered part of normal behavior, not a taste of forbidden fruit.

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