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'Rural Arkansas' and Wal-Mart



I just happened to stumble on this passage from the transcript of the Democratic presidential debate last week:

MR. WILLIAMS: Senator Clinton, overall, is Wal-Mart a good thing or a bad thing for the United States of America? (Laughter.)

SEN. CLINTON: Well, it's a mixed blessing.


SEN. CLINTON: Well, because when Wal-Mart started, it brought goods into rural areas, like rural Arkansas, where I was happy to live for 18 years, and gave people a chance to stretch their dollar further.

As they grew much bigger, though, they have raised serious questions about the responsibility of corporations and how they need to be a leader when it comes to providing health care and having, you know, safe working conditions and not discriminating on the basis of sex or race or any other category.

You know, Brian, this is all part, though, of how this administration and corporate America today don't see middle-class and working Americans. They are invisible. They don't understand that if you're a family that can't get health care, you are really hurting. But to the corporate elite and to the administration and the White House, you're invisible. If you can't afford college, you're invisible.

So I think we need to get both public sector and private sector leadership to start stepping up and being responsible on taking care of people.

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