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Toyota and Arkansas



John Brummett provides another important reflection on decisions by Toyota against expanding in East Arkansas. In time, maybe all will move forcefully to address these issues in public and, then, the root causes.

If the Toyota people were going to be nice enough to leave unsaid that they didn't think our people were capable, then the least we could do would be to proceed as if we had been told the whole story.

It breaks your heart to consider that we coveted that plant to bring relief to people trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle of poverty only to lose the plant because the industry didn't trust the skills of those whose lot we were so eager, even desperate, to help.

Nobody's saying that for a fact. But with the passage of time, the environmental factor has lost currency and work force concern has gained. People now acknowledge that work force concerns are real, even understandable, while stressing that they're unfair.

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