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E-mailgate considered



That illegal exaction suit because UAF Chancellor John White didn't adequately investigate the Teresa Prewett e-mail?


If plaintiff's lawyer Eddie Christian sells the Arkansas Supreme Court on the theory that you can sue state employees for an illegal exaction for not doing their job with sufficient vigor, we don't have enough courts to handle the fallout. (And I think you might find a judge or two in the state hostile to this kind of workplace review.)

I expect Byron Freeland, football coach Houston Nutt's attorney, is right. This case will be promptly dismissed. Even if not, I'm dubious about Christian's ability to get his hands on private citizen, non-party Teresa Prewett's computer hard drive. She's the Nutt pal Hog fan who went nutty over the now departed quarterback phenom Mitch Mustain and whose e-mail was shared with the Nutt family (though not, says the coach, his own self.)

Here's D-G link if you care to read more.


Also, D-G sports editor Wally Hall is on the case. Can't disagree with him that UAF Chancellor John White did a p***-poor job of investigating the matter, unless sweeping it under the rug was the goal. But every misjudgment of a public employee does not a lawsuit make. Wally is here:




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