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No more Mr. Nice Guy -- UPDATE



Sen. Mark Pryor had his meeting today with Attorney General Al Bu Ghraib "The Torturer" Gonzales. Gonzales didn't apologize to Pryor for lying or misleading him about the end-around appointment of Karl Rove acolyte Tim Griffin to a permanent interim job as U.S. attorney. Pryor told Gonzales in their one-on-one meeting that he should resign. Gonzales said he wouldn't.

Pryor pressed Gonzales for proof that he didn't support the Justice Department documents indicating a plan to install Griffin without Senate confirmation. He had none.

Does Pryor trust the attorney general of the United States? Would you? Would you trust anyone he put in charge of a U.S. attorney's office?

A huge press contingent turned out. Gonzo skedaddled after the meeting, like Dick Cheney running from military service.

UPDATE: Here's a CNN video clip of Pryor.

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