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An inveterate newspaper reader calls our attention to two editorials of note in today's Arkansas press.

The Searcy Daily Citizen blows a raspberry at Dr. Linda Beene, just departing by golden parachute from the state Higher Education Department to the University of Walton in Fayetteville, where $150K administrators are as numerous as Houston Nutt text messages.

We find it difficult to defend the actions of those responsible for the appointment of local news guy Dale Ellis as communications director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

In case you missed our story Saturday, Dr. Linda Beene, director of the department, said Ellis was hired without a formal advertisement of the position.

The job - with its $50,000 salary - is a “Grade 99” post, which does not warrant prior advertisement, according to Beene.

The slice of irony for this story is that one of Ellis' chief duties is to promote higher education in our state, despite the fact that his highest academic achievement is a GED.

Down in Pine Bluff, the Commercial editorializes on the judicial discipline agency's vendetta against Judge Wendell Griffen. It concludes a full recapitulation of the case with the central point:

Perhaps one day soon the commission members will read our Bill of Rights, especially the section dealing with “abridging the freedom of speech.”

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