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Pryor waits by the phone



Sen. Mark Pryor still thinks Alberto The Torturer lied to him and he still hasn't heard from Gonzales, despite Al bu's remark at his disastrous congressional appearance that he would get with Pryor. Problem: How does Gonzales explain implementing every talking point of the plan to jam Tim Griffin into the U.S. attorney's office to do Karl Rove's bidding without Senate confirmation. He knew he was doing it, even as he was insisting to Pryor he had no such intentions. If only his lies were about a blowjob, maybe we could rid the U.S. of this corrupt attorney general.

UPDATE: This item appeared in U.S. News. We now hear Gonzales' office called Pryor's office after the close of business Monday. A message was left. Pryor's office called back. The A.G. and Pryor will meet at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. The chances of Gonzales coming up with a new history before tomorrow seems slim. Facts remain: Pryor meets with Gonzo and his top aide Dec. 15. Pryor is given assurances. Five days later, a plan to install Griffin without Senate confirmation begins, using a plan outlined in a Dec. 19 e-mail. Eith Gonzo knew or else he wasn't running the Justice Department.

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