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Several people have inquired about this lately and I've mentioned some of it in a blog post and in an interview with Arkansas Business, but, for the record:

The Times' lifestyle editor, Jim Harris, is departing May 1 after eight years here. He's returning to the place from which he came, Arkansas Business. He's not telling us about the special project publisher Jeff Hankins has hired him for, but here's our guess: A monthly sports magazine. You don't have to read Jim much to know that he's a Hog and golf and sportsaholic, in addition to a music fan. We expect he'll be blogging over there, too. But we'll leave those announcements to AB.

Lindsey Millar is already on board to take Jim's place when he moves on. Many people know Lindsey from his time as editor of the Localist Magazine, a website magazine with a sharp local cultural focus. He's bringing a lot of ideas and will be increasing our daily blog presence on local music, arts and other happenings. Look for Lindsey's coming cover story on the Little Rock Film Festival.


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