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A few weeks back, the Insider reported on Eureka Springs' consideration of a domestic partnership registry. It carries no legal weight. It's open to same-sex and heterosexal couples alike. It would be a sign of welcome and tolerance to people from all walks of life in a city that has become a mecca with its weekends catering to gay tourists.

The Family Council is having none of it. It's alert to members is on the jump.


The City Council of Eureka Springs, Arkansas is considering an ordinance to grant recognition to domestic partnerships. This ordinance would allow same-sex couples from anywhere in the nation to have their union placed on a Domestic Partnership Registry maintained by the Eureka Springs City Clerk. In addition, the City of Eureka Springs would provide the couple with a Certificate of Domestic Partnership bearing the signatures of the Mayor and the City Clerk.

The City Council is scheduled to discuss this ordinance on April 23. A vote on this measure is not likely until May 14.

In 2004, 75% of Arkansas voters passed Amendment 83, a State Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Section two of the Amendment bans the recognition of civil unions and domestic partnerships. It says, “Legal status which is identical or substantially similar to marital status shall not be valid or recognized in Arkansas.”

Homosexual groups are encouraging cities across the nation to enact similar policies as a means of advancing the homosexual agenda. Some business owners in Eureka Springs have expressed concerns that tourism may decline if their city becomes known as a pro-homosexual.

Please e-mail each member of the Eureka Springs City Council. Ask them to vote against Ordinance 2052, the Domestic Partnership Registry.


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