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The underlying crime -- UPDATE



Don't let the Beltway pundits convince you that U.S. Attorneygate is a tempest in a bureaucratic teapot. The blogs and web media are hot in this case, which isn't going away soon.

Here's an intriguing blog post on the underlying circumstances of Bud Cummins' abrupt dismissal as U.S. attorney in Little Rock as he's investigating a politically explosive case in Missouri with ties to extremely powerful Republicans.

We hear that there's more coming soon, too, from our friend Richard Fricker, who's already thoroughly let the air out of the inflated resume of Cummins' successor and Karl Rove tool, Tim Griffin. And here's a followup on Griffin's overblown resume.

UPDATE: The big picture on the prosecutor purge is that it's all about suppressing likely Democratic votes.

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