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The state Department of Environmental Quality (how's that for an ironic name?) has allowed an expansion of the controversial BFI landfill in SW Little Rock without public notice and the Coalition of Little Rock Neighborhoods isn't happy about it. The CLRN's letter is on the jump.


Dear Director Marks,

The Coalition of Little Rock Neighborhoods voted April. 14 at its monthly
meeting to request that you rescind your agency’s approval, at the staff
level, of a 10-percent-expansion of the BFI landlfill at 3817 Mabelvale Pike
in Little Rock.

This contempt for the democratic process cannot be allowed to stand. Steve
Martin, chief of the Solid Waste Division of the Arkansas Department of
Environmental Quality, recorded a March 21st letter to BFI officials
approving the requested “minor permit modification” without any public

Nor was notice given to the Pulaski County Solid Waste District, whose
authorities currently have the duty of evaluating a major proposed BFI
expansion of this landfill. The agency file on this permit contains numerous
objections from civic groups and neighbors to this trash dump. Clearly,
nothing said by those most closely concerned with this garbage mountain had
any effect on the decision to allow expanding the landfill by 10 percent.
Our concerns ought to have been a part of this consideration.

This is no minor change to the permit. This allows almost 18 months more of
operation. The Coalition and other groups have repeatedly put on record our
strongest objections to ANY expansion at all. We protest this sharp practice
by BFI officials in seeking an expansion by means that left us ignorant, so
that there was no timely objection possible. We protest Mr. Martin’s
agreement to this process, and lack of notice.

Please rescind this expansion. Please allow NO MORE expansions. This
neighborhood nuisance must be filled, closed and covered, meeting all health
and safety standards, as soon as possible.

We note agency staff confronted BFI with a failure to submit required
reports - weekly - on samples taken from monitoring wells - in an April 16
letter to BFI from Gerald Delavan of the Solid Waste Management Division.
Reports had been due since last November. Why was any expansion granted to a
permit-holder who was not in compliance with agency regulations?

Yours Truly,
Kathy Wells, Vice President

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