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No stop loss for Guard -- yet


The Arkansas National Guard said today, contrary to some conflicting signals, that it is not barring the discharge of eligible soldiers in anticipation of further service in Iraq. News release on the jump.



CAMP JOSEPH T. ROBINSON, Ark. - The Arkansas National Guard has NOT initiated stop loss as a result of an alert for mobilization of the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team that was received on April 6, 2007. The 39th Brigade verified today that the unit has not barred the discharge of any eligible Soldiers.

The initiation of stop loss can only be directed by the respective service chiefs under the approval of the Department of Defense.

The National Guard Bureau requested the Department of Defense provide stop loss upon alert in order to ensure unit stabilization for the four affected Brigade Combat Teams, which included Arkansas' 39th Brigade. However, the alert order for the 39th states "total stop-loss will not exceed 90 days preceding the mobilization date."

The mobilization date is provided upon receipt of the mobilization order, which is typically received well inside this 90 day window. The brigade is slated to mobilize in fiscal year 2008.

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