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One of the myths propagated in Bush White House talking points about Tim Griffin, the Karl Rove acolyte who was installed as U.S. attorney in Little Rock, is his supposed vast experience as a prosecutor. They particularly like to talk about his 10 years in the JAG Corps (all reserve duty) and his time as an assistant U.S. attorney in Little Rock before he got his unconstitutional permanent interim appointment.

We told you earlier about independent investigative reporting that punched a hole in that story. The ConsortiumNews website continues that work with another piece by Richard Fricker. It appears Griffin, he of the supposed great experience, has never take a prosecution to trial.

Appointments of inexperienced people as prosecutors isn't a crime. But the issue here is lying -- lies told in White House communiques and  repeated by U.S. senators working from those talking points. Of course, lying is the order of the day in U.S. attorneygate. Except by Bud Cummins, ousted from the U.S. attorney's job to make room for Rove's buddy. He, too, joins the disputation chorus, telling Fricker HE never told anybody that Griffin was his "right arm," as Republican shills put it.

Meanwhile, the congressional investigation continues and the Republican National Committee refuses to turn over e-mails it possesses that were done in the White House. They are believed to have a bearing on the Griffin appointment. Yes, the RNC is claiming executive privilege more or less.

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