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Reaping and sowing



Might Mike Huckabee's meager fund-raising totals, including a bare quarter of a million in Arkansas, have something to do with personal style (and the fact that he's no longer governor?)

The question is suggested by an interview with Sen. Steve Faris in the Malvern Daily Record about the recent legislative session. He said a big change was Gov. Mike Beebe's welcoming, inclusive style.

Faris said that comfort zone wasn't there with the former governor, Mike Huckabee. "Huckabee, instead of compromising, would get mad and fold up his tent when he didn't get his way," Faris said. "Compromise wasn't in his repertoire, and I don't say that critically. It's refreshing to be able to feel like you can voice your opinion. Politics is the art of compromise."


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