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The NY Times has already set up a feature that allows you to search the federal database for information about donors to presidential candidates including Mike Huckabee, who ranked seventh among Republican candidates with $544,000 raised in the first quarter. I invite readers to comb through it for interesting info on the Arkansas candidate and let us know. I'll be on the road home today and unable to spend much time at the comuter.

Just for fun, I punched in my ZIP code, 72205, for Huckabee conributors. It turned up three -- Larry Bowden, a Stephens exec, gave $1,000; Joe Thompson, Huckabee's "surgeon general," gave $250, and Mike Wallace, not further identified, gave $500. Individuals may give up to $2,300.

He did much better up the hill in 72207, thanks in part to several more Stephens Inc. contributions, including $2,300 from Curt Bradbury and Mark Doramus and $1,000 from Kevin Scanlon. Builder Robert East, Huckabee's lawyer Kevin Crass and one of his campaign leaders, French Hill, are among others on the honor roll.

Here's an FEC link to Huckabee information, but I can't yet find data beyond contributions. The itemized expenditure category isn't yet searchable on-line.

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