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If we give it away ...



... they might not come.

Stephens Media rounds up the latest batch of corporate welfare measures approved by an Arkansas legislature to bribe industry to come to Arkansas.

But read on down to the bottom, where one of the legislature's prime welfare advocates, Rep. David Dunn, acknowledges that providing a good workforce might be part of the equation, too.


Sunday, the Democrat-Gazette made a pretty convincing case that pollution regulation concerns didn't steer Toyota away from Arkansas to Mississippi. Cash giveaways didn't make the difference either. Some clueless folks in E. Ark. suggested that maybe Toyota went to Mississippi to show warmth toward the Republicans who lead the Mississippi delegation, since Republicans are pro-business and all. (More pro-business than the relax-and-enjoy-it Arkansas legislature?) No, more and more it appears the issue comes down to work force. Why did Toyota say that Mississippi seemed more welcoming from that point of view? Are they better educated? Are the workers around Tupelo more promising assembly plant employees than workers in East Arkansas and Memphis? Why? And why is no one examining this angle?

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