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Stumbled on this website -- an extensive roundoup of presidential campaign activities for junkies, with everything from polls to interview snippets.

One link was to a lengthy interview with Mike Huckabee on a conservative blog and it included these notes:

  • Huckabee was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt, going in detail over his thoughts on immigration, guns, and his marathon times. Huckabee was asked about machine guns, to which he stated, “I’ve got friends who own them. They have the legal process to own them. But once again, I’m not afraid of a law abiding citizen owning anything. I’m afraid of a criminal getting his hands on a gun. That’s where the crackdown needs to be. This country’s gone crazy. It’s cracking down on law abiding citizens, and turning their heads at people who break the law. That’s the polar opposite.” Mike Huckabee has friends who own machine guns? More seriously, the long dialogue about his marathon times is one reason people might not take him seriously as a presidential candidate. It seems so trite for a presidential candidate in an interview to spend so much time talking about the marathon he ran in New York.
  • Huckabee answered ten questions posed by voters for Time. The answer to the first question is purely a cliche. I can’t imagine anyone would vote for him just because he says he’s the underdog. His answer regarding ‘accepting responsibility’ seems to end right in the middle.


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