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The Altman gap


Quite a difference between veteran Stephens sports writer Harry King's take on Dana Altman's decision not to take the head basketball coaching job at UA and coverage in the Democrat-Gazette. King concludes it was all about family for Altman. D-G points to no specifics, but Wally Hall says Altman found "personnel changes" wouldn't be made. There are dark references about the academic standing of players and other hints of skulduggery. The truth? Who knows. UA Chancellor John White and athletic director emeritus in perpetuity Frank Broyles can't stand the truth. I did notice that the D-G now puts at five the number of coaches who've rejected the UA job. I'd guess the answer is somewhere between. That Altman, who'd spurned other offers in the past, did feel a strong connection to Creighton. But I'd also guess some notes sounded off-key after arrival that helped solidify his attraction to his old job. I emphasize I am only guessing.

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